Oté One Step

A Hydrogen-Peroxide-System with neutralization tablets.

Definition: Hydrogen-Peroxide-System (Oté Perox) for soft and hard contact lenses in combination with neutralization tablets (Oté Komfortabel) with colour indicator.
Composition: Active ingredient Perox: Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution
Active ingredient Komfortabel: Catalase (synthetic)
Preservative: both free of preservative.
Purpose: To disinfect soft and hard contact lenses, whereupon neutralization of the Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution by use of Oté Komfortabel tablets.
Available in: Starter Pack (1x100ml Oté Perox + 15 tablets + lens case)
45 dgn. Pack (1x360ml Oté Perox + 45 tablets + lens case)