Oté Hydro-Shield

A top quality Multifunctional Solution with excellent antibacterial operation.

Definition: Revolutionary Multifunctional Solution for all types of soft contact lenses with: hydrating abilities, lubricating effects, cleaning capabilities of the Micell Micro- Encapsulation effect (MME), effective lens cleaning (lipids and proteins), very high anti-microbial activity and hypoallergenic. This solution is very effective for Silicon Hydrogel contact lens material.
Composition: Active ingredients: Hydropro and Remopro
Preservative: Polyhexanide Biguanide
Purpose: Cleaning, Disinfecting, Storing, Rinsing, Wetting & Rewetting, Lubricating, hydrating and Protein removing.
Available in: Starter Pack (1x100ml + lens case)
360ml Pack (1x360ml + lens case)
Multi Pack (3x360ml + 1x100ml + lens case)